Sporteer Armband cases for phones with cases

Although we design many of our products for specific smartphones and we keep up with the newest and hottest hitting the market, it is nearly impossible to track every new smartphone in every country.  Throw in thousands of older phones and options for protective cases, battery cases and audio jack locations on each phone, and, well, it can become confusing very quickly.

So, we have come up with a method to determine which Sporteer product is best for your phone or phone with a case.  So, let's keep this simple.  Here's how:

Simply measure the length, width and depth of your phone (or phone with protective case). Click the Sporteer Armband or Sporteer Running Belt with dimensions that are closest to the dimensions of your phone or case dimensions, but not smaller.  All Entropy Modular Armbands, Velocity Armbands and Kinetic Running Belts fit cases with a maximum depth (thickness) of 16 mm.

Sporteer Velocity V5 Armband for Phones and Cases  Sporteer Velocity V6 Armband for Phones and Cases Velocity V8 Armband for Smartphones

Sporteer Zephyr Running Belt Fits Large Phones and CasesSporteer Kinetic Running Belt Fits Large Phones and Cases


If you are still unsure which Sporteer product is best for you, please contact us and we will help you choose the best product for your needs.